Proactive Support

In the past clients would call when they had issues and we figured out what the problem was.  With our newly installed Monitoring & Maintenance software on all our clients Servers and Workstations we can Proactively monitor for a wide range of potential issues that would impact user productivity and could potentially cause corporate-wide downtime.

Some of the many benefits our customers have seen are:

  • Almost instant remote Tech Support (when available).
  • Proactive monitoring allows for greater user productivity and minimizes downtime.
    • Alerting to potential hardware failures
    • Drive space issues
    • Failed services
    • Security events (hacker attempts, etc…)
    • etc….
  • Less time spent troubleshooting and diagnosing issues, reducing client costs.
  • Daily Health & Safety Email Reports of your equipment, before the day starts.
    • Including your Daily Backup Status
    • Antivirus software up to date status
  • Automated Windows & 3rd Party Software Updates (Flash, Java, etc…)
  • and many other benefits.
Contact us for more information on how this will benefit your organization.